Rest In Peace, Madiba

142268-Nelson+mandela+quotes+with+picI specifically remember when Mandela Long Walk to Freedom, the movie, was coming out in theaters. It was a movie that I surely knew that I had to go see. To have an iconic individual still alive while their movie is being released was by far amazing. Sadly, this was also around the time many suspected for Mandela’s life to reach the heavens. Mandela past away of December 5th of 2013, making July 18th, 2014 (his birthday) the first of which he would not be along with us. This day, the 18th of July, 2014 is and will always be another historic contribution to Madiba’s story. In addition to that, for myself, waking up and being in South Africa is by far the most memorable blessings to come.

Slide1Mandela worked, served, and never settled. It was his duty to earn the title of a man and he humbled himself in the most courageous ways, despite the barriers he had to overcome. Mandela started his life for his family and himself, but he surely ended it with South Africa on his back. South Africa, the locals, all of us, would not be here today if it were not for the path of which was paved from Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

Be Mandela 

As a class, on Mandela Day, we all served our 67 minutes. It is common for the South Africans to use the term 67 minutes this year because Mr Mandela spent 67 years making the world a better place. Our Mandela Day of Service took place in Emathonisini. Emathonisini was a family name and this home was opened up to cater the elderly in the Soweto community. God bless the owner because she then found herself taking in blind children and other human beings, who were left alone or mistreated. As we painted the walls, sung songs, and ate, all I could think about is how peaceful Mandela must be. The whole community contributed in some given way, just as mandatory it is to dedicate time to church on Sunday. Mandela is a legend, he will forever be remembered, July 18th will always be a tradition. “Wise words won’t make you a Nelson Mandela, acting on them will!” HAPPY MANDELA DAY, BE MANDELA (IN YOUR OWN WAY) EVERYDAY.

Myself (Janice), my friend Vivian (blind mother-to-be ❤ ), and another young volunteer #BeMandela #Beauty #IBelieve
It is a blessing to be HOME, in South Africa, for Mandela’s Birthday RIP I love you King! Painting the home for my family…
Be Mandela 
Stand Up 
Be Confident 
And Move



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