Traditional Dishes via South Africa

Food is not the only way to a man’s heart, food is a way to fall in love with a culture. 

One of the first things that goes through your mind when you travel abroad is, “how will the food be.” I sure know that before leaving to South Africa, I asked my aunt to prepare all my favorite meals, as if I could mesmerize about them my whole month abroad. Thing is, South Africa’s selection of meals are actually someone of the best foods I have ate, outside of my culture. South Africa, like any other city, has a combination of traditional meals, but also has specific meals that are influence by other cultures such as Indian. What seems to be common, amongst all the variety of foods eaten, is that the meals are very light (little to no grease), very tasty (seasoned well), and contain a piece of meat (mostly chicken or beef). As I continue to emerge myself into the culture, the best meals have came from traditional shops that have been passed down from generations before. Food is merely one way to connect with a different culture. Many foods are common to other cultures, but when something is delicious that is global. Let’s us recognize the unique skill of the chefs/bakeries of South Africa.


Chesa Nyama


All of us had to put some work in before earning the pleasure to eat the most traditional ‘Chesa Nyama’ meal. Translated from Zulu, Chesa means burnt and Nyama means meat. We had to purchase meat from Tintie’s Butchery. The meat had to be taken outside, to a few men, where they cooked the meat in one of the largest grills I have ever seen, in a similar BBQ affair. The meat of my personal choice was pork sausages, but the group’s favorite seemed to be the lamb. In addition to the meat, the pap is very similar to stiff grits and the sauce in the container was mild peppers, cabbage, and a special curry sauce. We left the forks and spoons down and used our hands to enjoy the tasty meals as South Africans do. First you had to grab some pap, then you had to add some sauce on top, and lastly putting the meat on top to enjoy. This by far was one of the most common traditional meals that you could eat on a family night.

unnamed (1)



Kota is not like your ordinary bologna and cheese sandwich. Kota is a famous food that originated in the Durban area of South Africa. Although my classmates and I brought our Kota in Troyville, the sandwich could have not been any better. The sandwich included a huge piece of bread as the base and a small tiny piece at the top, this specifically makes Kota look messy and uneatable; yet, I ate all of the Kota without any issues. Inside of the Kota was lettuce, potatoes, french fries, cheese, bologna, a hot dog, and a special ingredient sauce for he flavor. It took about 10 minutes for us to receive our Kota and the price was R15 (R = rand). R15 is equivalent to  $1.5o in the states.

SA Girls


Lesidi’s Bakery

photo 2 (1) copy

Lesedi’s Bakery is located
in Mabopane. Let me just start off by saying that, I DO NOT LIKE DONUTS. Donuts have never been my favorite, although Liani (my daughter) is delighted when given fooda donut, I never was pressed for donuts. However, Lesedi’s Bakery has the best donuts that I have tasted in the past 10 years. At first, I just wanted to support, but I cannot wait to go back to buy some more. Donuts are generally too dry from sitting around and tend to have either too much icing or too little sugar. The donuts from Lesedi’s Bakery were served fresh out of the fryer and had special flavoring from my first bite to my last bite. Even when my donut sat for about ten minutes it remained soft and favorable. The bakery offers community bakery classes to the public, so that everyone can benefit from not only enjoying, but making these delicious sweets.

Stand Up 
Be Confident 
And Move 

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