A Single Mother Who Still Chooses To Win

11659549_1585135551746668_4111380973366764688_n@IChooseToWin is having a 1-Day Workshop for ladies who are extraordinary on July 11, 2015. I am grateful that I will be serving as one of the panelist. The goal for me is to inspire young ladies to surpass the expectations that are expected of them, but to first surpass the standards that they have for themselves. When you are at peace with yourself, no outside static can hinder your growth. Besides, under any circumstances we all have to Stand Up, Be Confident, And Move, so it is a must that all ladies are level headed with a guarantee to complete the mission of rising above mediocrity.

Few topics that will be discussed:

  • Parenting at 15
  • Pursuing a degree, while raising a baby
  • Traveling
  • Gilman Scholarship

“Young moms! Life did not end for you when your child was born. Hope was not removed from you. And failure was not your fate. Many young people who become pregnant are hurt, disappointed and dismissed when they experience being shunned by society. However, this young woman wants young people who Choose to keep their baby that being a successful mom, while continuing to get an education and provide for a child is possible. Ready to share her personal experience and some fundamental lessons learned through her hardships, Janice seeks to uplift and advocate for the young woman who accepts the consequence of her actions – and is ready to make the best of life! Join us. #ichoosetowin

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The avenue where all BOLD, BRAVE, and BRILLIANT ladies are allowed. Therefore, remember to stay fierce, but do so with a winning and enriching purpose.



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