Stand Up, Be Confident, And Move


In life there will be a million and one things that are in store to knock you down. It is your job to swallow the pain and stand up in order to get where you need to be. Stand up against negativity, hatred, and sorrow. Stand up for positivity, love, and happiness. Standing up is the first step towards becoming a better you.


To be confident is to be favored. Having confidence in this world is rare because if you do not fit what society depicts as beautiful, successful, or intelligent then it will be hard for you to manage. Understand who you are as a person and never let anyone alter what makes you the person you are. Chin up sugars.


Prayer without performance just does not work efficiently. Stay on your game in order to move up on your personal ladder of success. Even when you fall you have to get up and move. The moment you become inconsistent is the moment you are giving someone else to steal your shine. Slow down for what?

I hope that my life experiences gives you the same inspiration to persevere, as it has been doing to those that I know personally.


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