Who Is Janice M. Durrant?

Life is not solely about having dreams – it’s about pursuing them.


People usually say, “I am living my dreams!” Thing is, this is beyond anything that I imagined. Success was not in my dreams, I know some average stuff was. It was certain that I would survive, but I did not know that I would do so like this. I became an inspiration, a title that I still am getting use to.  I am so content with my life right now that I have to be reminded that I am alive. Still scarred, but still winning. #TheJMDWay

I am a recent graduate from Temple University. I obtained my Bachelors degree in International Communication Studies. My time at Temple University (3 years) has been used to plant my seeds for my life post graduation. My first year of college was completed at Penn State – Abington College and I do not regret transferring at all. Some of the few accomplishments that I had at Temple include: Successfully completing New York Study Away Program, becoming the first official New York Peer Advisor for Study Away, starting my own movement, “Stand Up Be Confident And Move,” starting my own T-Shirt business with my motto, traveling abroad for the first time to South Africa, producing an article in the Philadelphia Daily News, being featured in the Metro Newspaper, being featured in the Temple News, receiving a full ride to study abroad in Peru, Launched, “My House Helping Your House Project/Mi Casa Ayudando Su Casa,” Gilman Scholarship Recipient, Lew Klein in the Media Scholarship Recipient, 3 Study Away SMC Scholarship Recipient Awards, 2014 – 2015 Miss Congeniality for Pi Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated and 2014 – 2015 Miss Black and Gold for the Pi Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated. There honestly may be a few things that I forgot to mention, but honestly all those accomplishments do not mean anything if I did not achieve them while undergoing struggles.

cropped-jmd-main3.jpgI am a mother to Liani Janae’ Durrant. My daughter is six years old. Although this is cliche, my daughter has done nothing but give me purpose. Since giving birth, I have matured and became a more responsible adult. She keeps me on my toes, especially with being a single mom. By night, I still find time to be a motivator. It is my biggest blessing to inspire individuals. I am just a young lady who works hard, but when individuals find out that I too relate to lost, depression, and struggle, many are baffled. I am independent, ambitious, and determined because without these traits I would have been a student dropout years ago. My personality is spunky and vibrant and I always manage to stand out. I am opening my life story up to my readers, so that you can use my different experiences to exemplify that you can Stand Up, Be Confident, And Move through any mishap.


To connect with me more:

Instagram: @Ms.Durrant

Facebook: Janice M. Durrant


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